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English learning games teacher-tested on the front lines of the classroom! To download a game, click on the 
"Download" button; a new page or tab will open, then choose "File-Download" from the menu. (Note: Games are
 downloadable as PowerPoint decks; instructions included. Preview images may vary)

Slide 'N' Say
Shows part of a key sentence, prompting students to think about and say the correct answer.
Slide 'N' Say

Fun & effective twist on the classic game for teaching 
spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization.
Hangman V.1
Hangman - V.2
3 NEW GAMES! More fun & effective ways to practice spelling, 
sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization.
Hangman V.2
The Bubble Machine
Pop bubbles to reveal hidden pictures, eliciting
varied responses before the correct answer is given.
Word Power
Great for learning words in categories. Six words 
per round + unlimited rounds per game.
Word Power
Hide 'N' Speak
Shows a picture for a split second; students must 
brainstorm to create a sentence related to the picture.
Hide 'N' Speak - V.2
Shows a picture + a value; students must brainstorm 
to create a sentence related to the picture and the value.
Shows a word or sentence with letters or words in the 
wrong order. Students guess the correct order for points.
(Perfect for short and long sentences)
De-scrambler V.2
Shows a word or sentence with letters or words in the 
wrong order. Students guess the correct order for points. New version allows you to "fake" wrong answers, too.
De-scrambler V.2
Spelling Space
Get students brainstorming with this letter-by-letter spelling 
quiz game. Includes rounds for words with 3 up to 12 letters.
Talk & Target
Flashing pictures motivate students to say key sentences. 
Students throw soft dice at the correct picture for points.
Seek 'N' Speak
Correct answer choices are flashed onscreen (among 
misspelled words) with 20 seconds to complete the sentence!
Seek 'N' Speak - V.2
Correct answer choices are flashed onscreen (among misspelled words) - with 40 or 60 seconds to complete the sentence!
Crazy Bombs & Wacky Typhoons
Use this game for reviewing one or more lessons at a time and for practicing target elements in an exciting competition setting.
Golden Bell
Make writing EXCITING in your classroom! Several different types of games to get your students to work together while having fun.
Beat The Clock
Students must BEAT THE CLOCK by saying the correct sentence associated with the spinning picture in 12 seconds!  
Beat The Clock
Sentence Puzzle Speed Game
Students must put sentence puzzles in the right order before time runs out! Great to practice listening, grammar and quick-thinking.
Sentence Puzzle

Matching Game
Students must answer questions or make sentences.
Then, they have a chance to match two like pictures.
Great for practicing keywords/sentences & concentration.
Matching Game
The Time Machine
It's time to play! A dynamic, interactive game that
helps students to practice telling time and formulate 
activity-related sentences.


  1. Hey I cant download "seek n speak". I try to download it from your google docs, but it takes me to a erro page. Is there something wrong?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! Please send your email address to me at and I will send you a copy directly. Thanks!

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